"Kathy Metcalf has been the greatest catalyst for change in my life that I have ever encountered.
We started working together at the bottom of my barrel at a place I did not see a way out of, and I was absolutely living the life of my dreams just two short years later, in every way I had ever wanted, and a few that I couldn't have possibly imagined.
She is a bold stand in the face of her client's self-limiting beliefs, contexts and behaviors, and does so from a power that is born from a heart big enough to easily hold all of us.
She is brilliant, unwavering, robust, refreshing, courageous, and brutally honest in her reflection.
Her ability to strike directly at the heart of the matter and dissect through the story and content with love and compassion was exactly what I needed, and made all the difference.
I got that Kathy was on my side and an absolute champion for my greatness every step of the way, even when the message she was delivering was a tough one.
I am a strong proponent of the combination of therapy with coaching, and I have referred to her and trusted her with my dearest friends, my colleagues and my clients. ALL have given only glowing reviews, and the difference she makes in their lives is immediately apparent.
She is a master at holding the mirror up to your being and challenging you to choose your greatness and joy over your story & current circumstances.

If you find yourself truly wanting things to change, and are clear that you are ready to do whatever it takes, you're in the right place."

With my deepest gratitude,
Executive Coach

""All I can say is, Wow! I put off calling Kathy for a year. The day I did call her, was the first day my life started to change. Kathy's gentle spirit and brilliant approach to therapy has forever transformed my life. Kathy supported me in uncovering and healing the psychological and emotional wounds of the past that were holding me back from my greatness, from open hearted love with my wife, and from authentic joy. This amazing woman is a gift to the world and I would (and often do) recommend her to any one who will listen. I often tell friends, I feel like I have Oprah's therapist, Kathy is that good!"

Life Coach/Sales Executive 

Our family has been working with Kathy for the past two years. 
She has been an invaluable resource for us, helping us navigate through all the ups and downs of life.
She has been so helpful that we keep passing her name along so that now she talks to all the aunts and cousins too.
Whether you are grappling with a personal challenge or one in your business, Kathy’s warm and skillful approach will make you feel immediately comfortable and heard. She is extremely intuitive and can hold space for anyone who is willing to open up to her.
I strongly recommend her work and encourage you to take the leap. You will be able to live a happier, freer life with an expanded understanding of yourself and others.
Pam S.

The last 2 years working with Kathy she has completely changed my life. She is an incredibly gifted coach who makes you feel safe, heard and understood. Kathy has helped me grow into the most confident, loving, strong and passionate version of myself.

There are memories and triggers in my life that used to cause me so much pain and confusion, however now they are an opportunity for me to love and understand myself more and more. Some of my deepest fears and insecurities no longer scare me and hold me back, instead I see them as opportunities to learn more about myself and grow into a more loving, understanding and supportive person. Kathy has breathed life into my heart and soul, helping me find the tools and confidence to express myself fully in my life and my relationships. She has helped me understand the power of boundaries, and in implementing these into my life I have more energy and love to give creating resulting in stronger more authentic relationships.

My favorite part of my journey with Kathy is how she has guided me to understand the power of self love. I am at peace with my past, my present and my future. Everyone deserves to experience the gift of Kathy.

Julia S.