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Kathy Metcalf, MSW,TEP
​Towson, Maryland

facebook page: kathyma

"I believe that each of us has a responsibility through self examination to unravel the learned patterns that do not serve us.  Thus allowing the true gift that we are, to fully expand.  If you don't offer the world your gift...who will?"   Kathyma
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Kathy Metcalf, MSW, TEP

Growing up in a military family taught me to be nonjudgemental and open to a variety of people and cultures. This foundation allows me to provide a compassionate, calming and direct demeanor that allows people to feel safe, able to open up and feel supported.  

After completing a Graduate degree in Clinical Social Work, at The University of Maryland, I went on to study Psychodrama and action group methods to become certified as a Trainer. I then spent several years working with sexual trauma survivors as a team therapist with The Therapeutic Spiral Method.

Since opening my practice in 1991, I've been on a personal journey with yoga, meditation, mindfulness and body based practices, all of which have become integrated into my work with clients.  

Some years ago, I was approached to speak at a Coach Training Program about the differences between Coaching and therapy. The impact I had on the organization has led to a tremendous amount of referrals from all over the globe. This opened my practice up to working with people remotely via phone and video. Working remotely has expanded my creativity and intuition as a healer and created an opportunity to create an experiential model.

Here's a brief summary of my method. "Rooms in Your House" is a tool that anyone can use. First, we ground ourselves in the Hallway of Awareness developing a Friendly Observer. Once anchored in this role, we can discover the various parts of ourselves by imagining each part existing in a room in a house, in our mind. Once inside a specific room, using creativity, imagination and connection to the body, the work begins.